03 Is it possible to be cruel to oneself?

One of the scenes in our first Wonder Ponder, Visual Philosophy for Children box is about self-cruelty, raising questions such as:
  • Have you ever told yourself off or hurt yourself for something you’ve done? Do you remember why? Do you think you were cruel to yourself? 
  • Do you think people who hurt themselves should be stopped?  
  • Is it possible to be cruel to oneself? If so, who is hitting and who is being hit? Who is speaking and who is listening? 
  • Do you think you should punish yourself when you do something you think is bad? 

These are some of the sketches illustrator Daniela Martagón drew, trying to work out what the best representation of self-cruelty might be to include the Wonder Ponder Cruelty Bites box. You'll have to wait until the end of the year to find out which of these we chose!

Sketch by Daniela Martagón, preliminary study for Cruelty Bites by Wonder Ponder. A) Pull out or pull one's hair. B) Bang head against the wall. C) Not allow oneself any play or enjoyment. D) Insult oneself. E) Slap oneself. F) Bite oneself. G) Not feed oneself. H) Burn oneself.  
Wonder Ponder will be launching on 20th November, World Philosophy Day. Stay tuned for more tidbits about it all here, on this provisional blog and waiting room. Enjoy.

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